2016 International Trade Update
February 25-26, 2016
For the first time in 2016, IIEL co-sponsored Georgetown Law’s International Trade Update. The annual event offers the largest opportunity for international trade practitioners and commentators to discuss developments in international trade law, as well as its impact for lawyers, judges, diplomats and regulators. Read More



D4S_5491Ways & Means Hearing on International Tax Reform
February 24, 2016
Professor Itai Grinberg testified before the U.S. House of Representatives’ Committee on Ways & Means at its hearing on the “Global Tax Environment in 2016 and Implications for International Tax Reform.”




IIEL Small Blue Logo. jpgJohn D. Greenwald Memorial Endowment
February 22, 2016
Georgetown Law has received a $300,000 gift from the firm Cassidy Levy Kent in memory of the firm’s partner John D. Greenwald, who passed away last year. The John D. Greenwald Memorial Endowment will support student writing awards and an annual lecture on international trade law.  Read More



Taxation and European Union State Aid Law: The European Commission’s Investigation Into Whether Certain Tax Rulings Constitute State Aid
February 22, 2016
In 2013, in response to concerns that certain EU Member States were issuing favorable tax rulings to multinationals in order to attract foreign direct investment in violation of EU competition rules, the European Commission commenced State Aid investigations. Read More




Salzburg Seminar
February 19, 2016
Eleven U.S. law schools alongside Georgetown—including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Penn, Chicago, Columbia, NYU and UVA—were invited to nominate five students graduating in the Spring of 2016 (both 2Ls and 3Es) to become Cutler Fellows, and to participate in a highly interactive, seminar in Washington, DC, beginning on Friday, February 19th. Read More




DebtCon1 – The First Annual Interdisciplinary Sovereign Debt Research & Management Conference
January 21-22, 2016

On January 21st and 22nd, IIEL hosted the inaugural interdisciplinary Sovereign Debt Research and Management Conference (“DebtCon1”).  The annual conference was organized by Professors Anna Gelpern of Georgetown Law and Mitu Gulati of Duke Law, and hosted law and social science scholars and policy makers.




Law in a Globalized World
January 13, 2016

The Embassy of Switzerland and Georgetown Law were pleased to invite you to attend the first event in a series of programs addressing, “Law in a Globalized World.” The inaugural program explored, “Switzerland and the U.S.: Common Constitutional Roots, Different Legal Systems” and asked “How Do We Approach Transnational Legal Issues in Times of Globalization?”


Homepageimage13The Changing International Economic Order
January 5, 2016

As part of a “Case in Point” series with colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania’s law school, Professor Chris Brummer, IIEL’s Faculty Director, discussed how China and other rising powers are shaping the rules of global trade and finance.



“The IMF Changes Its Rules To Isolate China And Russia – Analysis” 

DECEMBER 19, 2015
Eurasia Review
Quoting Professor Anna Gelpern

US Resisted IMF Debt Reform as ‘Moral Hazard’ Prior to Ukraine Crisis
DECEMBER 11, 2015
Sputnik News

Quoting Professor Anna Gelpern

What to do about “vulture funds”? UNCTAD event highlights challenges ahead
DECEMBER 11, 2015
Professor Anna Gelpern  participated in an UNCTAD Roundtable that brought together over 70 participants and experts at the United Nations headquarters in New York to discuss the role played by non-cooperative funds (so-called vulture funds) in sovereign debt markets and debt restructuring. Read More
Puerto Rico governor: No pension cuts to fix crisis
DECEMBER 10, 2015
USA Today

Quoting Professor Anna Gelpern

China’s Renminbi Is Approved by I.M.F. as a Main World Currency
DECEMBER 01, 2015
The New York Times
Quoting Professor Christopher Brummer


Corporate Tax: The $240bn black hole
NOVEMBER 24,2015
Financial Times
Quoting Professor Itai Grinberg

Chris-Nov.-23rdChris Brummer Speaks on RMB Internationalization at Financial and Risk Summit in Toronto
NOVEMBER 23, 2015
On November 23, 2015, Chris Brummer, the C. Boyden Gray Fellow on Global Growth and Finance at the Atlantic Council, spoke alongside Mingxuan Zhu, President and CEO, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Susan Gammage, Thomson Reuters’ Head of FX…Read More

Ukraine Should Not Repay This Odious Debt to Russia
NOVEMBER 7, 2015
Quoting Professor Anna Gelpern