IIEL’s Center on Transnational Business and the Law focuses on the legal and public policy issues faced by businesses that operate across borders in today’s increasingly global economic environment.

The Center organizes conferences and lectures, encourages research, and hosts visiting scholars. A robust outreach effort helps to identify contemporary issues and developments relevant to transnational business and commercial undertakings in the contemporary marketplace. We then work to bring together corporate executives, private practitioners, government officials, students, and scholars with the aim of promoting thoughtful and timely discussion and analysis of some of the most important legal problems.

Current research projects include:

  • Drivers of Foreign Investment in the United States
  • Sovereign Debt Default
  • Financial and Trade Sanctions
  • Extraterritoriality in US and foreign regulatory jurisdictions
  • Proof of Foreign Law in US Courts
  • Enforcement of Judgements and Arbitral Awards
  • Privacy and Personal¬†Data¬†Protection in A Global Internet Era