In the International Economic Law (IEL) Practicum, students work in small project teams, under the supervision of Professors and a Teaching Assistant, on specific legal questions related to international economic law (WTO law, regional trade agreements, BITs, investor-state arbitration, international finance or tax etc.) coming from real “clients”, such as international organizations, governments or NGOs. At the end of the semester, the project teams submit written legal memos and orally present their projects in class in the presence of the beneficiary and other invited guests.

The practicum has proven extremely successful, with student project teams directly impacting the regulatory environment in a number of international legislative contexts.  More information, including past projects, is on the TradeLab website.  Our Call for Projects – Georgetown Spring 2018 Practicum also describes more about how the Practicum works.

Spring 2018 projects may include:  assisting a least-developed African country with its accession to the WTO; helping Geneva and DC-based diplomatic missions with a variety of trade issues involving e-commerce, SMEs and more; working with the Central Bank of a Middle East country; liaising with the World Bank on immigration & trade; and interacting with DC-based NGOs on carbon tax and other IEL questions.

Apply to join the Spring 2018 Practicum by December 11th: by 11:59 p.m. on December 11th, send your CV and an email indicating which trade/WTO or investment law course(s) you have taken, why you are interested in the Practicum and what it is you think you can add to the teams directly to Alina Schmidt.