Academic Opportunities

Our academic opportunities give students the chance to engage with our “four pillars”—fintech and financial regulation, international trade, international tax, and sovereign debt.

The Institute recognizes the complex character of international economic law (IEL), and adopts a broad-based approach in teaching, scholarship, and curricular offerings. The Institute focuses on disciplines that have a strong economic law orientation and are in high demand for students.

The Institute offers students the ability to choose from a range of courses touching on every aspect of international economic law. We also provide for-credit experiential learning opportunities through our Colloquia and TradeLab’s Practicum programs.

Georgetown Law J.D. and LL.M. students with a particular interest in international economic law may also choose to pursue a Certificate in WTO & International Trade Studies. Georgetown Law also offers a number of other LL.M. certificates and opportunities for visiting researchers and S.J.D students.

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