Course Offerings

Our academic opportunities give students the chance to engage with our “four pillars”—fintech and financial regulation, international trade, international tax, and sovereign debt.

The Institute works closely with the world-renowned faculty at Georgetown Law to ensure that course offerings provide a foundational understanding of the nuts and bolts of international economic law, while addressing the most current and pressing developments in the field.

For a complete and up-to-date listing of available course opportunities, please refer to Georgetown Law’s Curriculum Guide. Our past course offerings have included:

Current Issues in Transnational (Private International) Law Seminar

Global Commerce and Litigation

Global Securities Offerings

Globalization and Systemic Risk

International Arbitration

International Business Negotiations

International Business Transactions

International Commercial Arbitration

International Debt Workouts

International Economic Law & Policy Colloquium (IELC)

International Finance and Regulation

International Protection of Intellectual Property Through the WTO

International Tax Law

International Trade Law & Regulation

International Trade and Investment Litigation and Strategy

Islamic Finance Law

Law of Money

Law, Politics, and Policy in WTO & US Trade Law

Litigation Practice in International Arbitration

Project Development and Finance

U.S. and International Customs Law

WTO & Public International Law

World Trade Organization: Agreements, Negotiations & Disputes

International Trade, Development & the Common Good

Investor-State Dispute Resolution Seminar

Trade and Integration in the Americas

Trade Remedies

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