Meha Jain

As a Program Associate to the IIEL, Meha Jain works closely  with the Institute’s Director to ensure smooth sailing for events, while also liaising across departments to support the department’s financial affairs and programming, to engage followers through the Institute’s multiple social media accounts, and to implement website redesign.

Ms. Jain’s experiences include conducting pricing analysis and database development at Ecolab; researching and prospecting international clients for Exhibits Development Group; and supporting refugees and developing communications initiatives at the American Red Cross. She has spent time supporting research and volunteering in underserved communities in her hometown, Mumbai, India.

Prior to Ms. Jain’s role with the Institute, she became interested in using technology to improve higher education at the startup Cytilife, which aimed to improve student livability on college campuses using data. At Cytilife, she worked with the CEO to develop key programming and research reports for potential investors and stakeholders, learning ed-tech (Education technology) and entrepreneurship.

Ms. Jain’s research interests include education, public health, and sustainability in developing economies. She holds a B.A. in Economics and International Studies from Macalester College.

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